Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Where's Waldo...or fruits and veggies!

Next time you are looking to add some fruits or veggies to a meal, here are some tricks to play Where’s Waldo with your produce!
Grilled cheese: add apple slices, peppers, or tomatoes in with that cheese and whole grain bread
Turkey Sandwich: see how colorful you can make the inside…with cucumbers, yellow peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, or any other vegetable!
Chicken Tacos or Burritos: Opt out of adding rice, since you already have a tortilla, and add chopped veggies instead. Or try a fruity version with peach and pear slices, or orange slices. You’ll be surprised how yummy chicken, a tortilla and fruit taste together!
Fajitas: Try to fill your tortilla with more veggies than meat. You’ll still taste plenty of meat and bread, but get an added bonus of veggies
Pasta: Whatever dish you are making, whether it be alfredo, linguine or spaghetti, load up on the veggies mixed in with the sauce and meat. Half the time we add way too much sauce for the noodles and meat, so if your veggies have delicious sauce on them, you’ll want to eat even more!
Stuffed Chicken: instead of stuffing it with cheese, bacon and ranch that just adds a whole bunch of fat, stuff them with veggies and a tiny bit of cheese and avoid breading it.
Chips and Salsa: Next time you are filling the platter with chips, take out half and add some veggies. Veggies dipped in salsa is just as good, and a lot of times you still get the crunch like you do from the chips.
Pizza: fill up the top with tomatoes, peppers, and any other veggies you like! You can even hide the veggies under a little cheese and lean turkey. Delicious!

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