Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Not to be a Downer…but

Since on Monday we talked a bit about a common downfall, not sitting and eating meals (aka, not eating while eating) I thought I would touch on another common downfall: lack of planning.


I have talked about making a workout routine before, and how it can keep you from selling yourself short when it comes to exercise.

Another reason it is important to plan is because when you don’t plan meals and snacks in advance, the easy stuff is usually the not so healthy stuff.

Most of us know what we should eat. Of course vegetables are better than a hunk of mac and cheese. And of course whole wheat bread is better than white. But when we are hungry and ready to eat our arm off, what do you go for? The easy stuff.


So take some time to plan and prepare meals and snacks in advance. Little bags of sliced peppers, carrots and celery work great. A bag of a serving of crackers or nuts is a great option for on the road. And fruit! Oh blessed fruit. So easy to grab an apple or banana to take to class or in the car.

Then, plan some meals ahead. This can also mean planning days for leftovers and days for easy meals like egg burritos or soup and sandwiches. One thing that works great for our family is making a big salad one night with lots of veggies, and then eating it over several nights for dinner. It is a great way to guarantee you will get some veggies in.

So…start planning!

Here’s a little midweek inspiration for you!


  1. I used to plan all my meals a week in advance so I would know exactly what I was cooking, but then I would end up changing my mind when I got home from now I just plan dinner in the morning and hope that I don't change my mind. Great challenge though for someone who doesn't plan their meals. Good luck to everyone!

  2. This is completely my problem--I never plan my meals ahead and then so often I end up eating whatever will be the quickest or simplest to prepare!
    Great advice, thanks!

  3. I try to plan meals in advance (or even the morning of). If I wait until it's dinner time to start thinking about what to eat we usually end up having pizza or something else that's easy, but probably not healthy.

  4. We have a dry erase board, and we write on it our dinners for the whole week! I try to plan out our meals for the week on Sunday. When I don't have time to do it (like during finals week!) it throws my whole week off, I hate it!

  5. i sat with the hoyts at an ironman dinner. they are amazing!!

  6. YES ! well i used to plan but I hated it! btu i do think its important to have healthy staples around the house and balanced meals so we are reaching for bad foods!

  7. Planning is really important and one of things that I hate doing. Well that and the actual shopping! But when I do it things always go better!


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