Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Park Workout

Last week I taught a conditioning class for some athletes as a break from their normal coaching workouts. We did it all outside at a park with nothing but our shoes and some grass. So basically, anyone can do it! Now if only Utah would decide to bring summer, then we could really go do it outside without getting wet. I thought I’d share it with you:

Warm-Up: Started with a jog, then we rotated stretching certain muscles with a spurt of cardio to keep our muscles warm and heart rate up
  • jog laps for 10 minutes
  • stretch
  • jump rope in place
  • stretch
  • jumping jacks
  • stretch
  • high knees
  • stretch
Set #1: We did this set 2 times
Set #2: do this set 2 times
  • 15 body weight squats
  • 10 standing long jumps
  • plank jacks for 1 minute
  • tricep dips (we did these on a park bench)
Set #3: again, this set 2 times!
Then we did one lap to cool down with some stretching. Give it a try!

Also, check out this cool interview with running legend Dean Karnazes. My favorite thing he said was “My message is that you don’t have to run three-thousand miles across the country. Just be the best you that you can be and live up to your own expectations–it’s fulfilling.”


  1. Yay! I missed you this week, Trisha! Hehe:). That is so awesome that you taught a conditioning class outside at the park! I love that! I wish I was in Utah so I could have joined you:). Before I had a gym membership I used to do a lot of workouts outside, and would go to the park and do exercises on the park equipment. I need to go back to doing that some's fun just to be outside and it's good to mix up your work outs!

    Woohoo! Thanks for blogging about my interview and giveaway! Dean really is amazing, and I love that quote, too! He really inspires you (well, he inspired me anyway:) to really reach for your goals and believe in yourself and not to settle for mediocrity!!

  2. WOW! love that quote from Dean...thank you so much for sharing! And those workouts look intense...I need to give some circuit type workouts a try here soon :)

  3. EXCELLENT idea Trisha!! Outdoors can make old exercises fun again! I bet you are a fabulous instructor!

    Glad to know you have found success in your Frees!! Tried and True! I like it!


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