Monday, May 30, 2011

Get Off the Bandwagon

I’m always excited when people decide on their own to make a healthy change. Whether that is starting to get more exercise, watching what they eat, or making other healthy decision for their life. What I don’t get excited about is when people talk about going on a diet. Because they usually don’t work. And it’s just one of those bandwagons you want to miss.

Weight loss is something that should be taken seriously, mostly because of the serious health benefits that come from losing just a little weight. Diabetes, cancer, GERD, sleep apnea, high cholesterol…they are all dangers of being over weight. But just because you take it seriously doesn’t mean it has to be depriving.

So how do you makes some changes without feeling like the act of eating has lost all it’s pleasure? Here are some tips:

- keep a food journal: know what you are eating and when, and how it makes you feel. this allows you to figure out when and how to make necessary changes


- eat breakfast: it helps you lose weight, if you eat the right things. But it is important that you do to jump start your metabolism!

- set short and long term goals: they can have rewards too, just not food related!

- sit down when you eat and write down what you eat

- get enough sleep


- allow a treat (in a small proportion) every once in a while. It is okay to accept some cravings, just don’t let it take over and don’t do it every day

- talk to someone that can help monitor your progress and create goals, whether that be a friend, family member, personal trainer, or other individual

Bettering your health is an exciting thing, and you should feel empowered as you learn more about your body and are able to make changes. That is cool! And it will always be worth it.

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**This last weekend I taught another conditioning class for athletes. We played a little game where I had a list of strength exercises on one paper and a list of cardio exercises on another. They would pick two numbers randomly, and then we would do those two exercises (one from each list) twice in a circuit. It was fun and kept them guessing!


  1. great post! well written. loved it.

  2. Some great basics to go by! I love the comment about allowing a (small) treat:). I think it's when we try to completely restrict ourselves that we can sometimes end up going overboard later.

  3. Thanks for these tips! I could really work on sitting down, eating and truly enjoying my food and getting more quality sleep wouldn't be a bad idea either! Hope you had a fabulous weekend!

  4. love these tips and with a new month approaching, its great to start with a clean slate!


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