Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful...

It is nice and chilly outside, which means running can be a bit of a pain. Frequently I wimp out and head to the indoor track or the treadmill for my longer runs. But, due to my hate extreme dislike of treadmills and running around a track, I can be seen running outside in the frigid winter. It does take some planning ahead, and you don't want to do it without being prepared. Here are some things to remember when braving the cold:

1. Wind chill temperatures can be dangerous. A good rule of thumb is to stay indoors whenever the wind chill dips below zero degrees.
2. Frequently the worst part of a cold run is the first mile or so, where your body is still trying to adjust. Try running your first mile on a treadmill, or warming up for 15 minutes on an elliptical, then heading out. That way your body has the blood flowing before stepping out in the cold.
3. Be sure to layer! Ideally your first layer should be something that helps keep moisture away from your body. The second layer can be a cotton fabric to take in the moisture, and the third should be something nylon or wind-resistant.
4. Keep extremities warm! Your head and your hands always need to be covered. Also, invest in some warm socks to keep your toes warm while you run.
5. Get out of your running clothes as soon as you get home. When you sit around in sweaty clothes, your body temperature will keep dropping. So take them off and go take a warm makes the whole run worth it!

Of course, always be smart about running outside. Be aware of snowy or icy conditions that should keep you inside.

                                                     A nice and chilly race day...Oct 2009

*Starting with the new year I will be mixing things up with my blog, making it a bit more personal for you and for me! So look forward to some changes in 2011, and have a Happy New Year!

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