Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Healthy Snacks

Commonly, big problems occur when people start a new nutrition program is the “snack” times during the day. People tend to just grab whatever they can find and whatever sounds good because they are hungry. Most times, however, whatever you can find isn’t what you should be eating. What’s the solution then? Plan ahead! Planning and preparation are keys to success when it comes to eating right. So what to eat? I wish the answer was simple. It really depends on how big of meals you are eating, when you exercise and what makes you feel like you ate something you like. But here are some general ideas for snacks between meals.

- ½ c. cottage cheese with some celery and a little peanut butter
- piece of whole wheat toast with some peanut butter on top and an apple
- about 10 almonds with a piece of fruit
- ½ c. of high fiber, low sugar cereal with some fruit or veggies
- a cheese stick with a handful of whole wheat crackers and some veggies

These are just some suggestions. The best thing to do is get a little protein with some fruit and veggies. It will keep you full and it helps you get your intake of fruits and vegetables in while keeping your metabolism going. If you eat a snack and still think you are hungry, before grabbing more, fill up a big glass of water and drink it slowly and wait a half hour. If you are still hungry, then grab a little something else. Mix and match things above, but remember to not make it another meal and to keep your choices healthy!

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