Friday, July 1, 2011

Road Running Rules

I guess this title could be interpreted two ways, and both are correct. Road running rules, as in it is super cool. But in relation to my previous post on Road ID, I thought it would be more than appropriate to touch on some of the rules of the road when out running. Both for your safety and understanding.These could also be applied to other activities outside on the road as well.

  • assume the cars DON'T see you, so make yourself visable before crossing streets or changing positions. 
  • run against traffic...then both you and the driver can see clearly
  • run with very low music on, or none at all. some people thing this is pretty rough, but it is for your safety and being ably to hear cars
  • go single file in groups runs unless you are on a less traveled path with minimal traffic
  • run with proper ID in case of emergency 
  • look out for people pulling out of their driveways
  • wear bright or reflective clothing when it is dark out
  • avoid roads with little or no shoulder room
  • beware of stopped cars waiting to turn right...just wait for them to turn and then continue on, or get on the sidewalk to continue going
  • run in familiar places that are well enough populated so you feel safe
  • if you are going out alone, tell someone what your route is before you leave and when you plan on being back
~What do you do for safety when out on the road? (running, biking, walking)
~Check out this post on 4th of July many to choose from!

Have a great weekend! 


  1. i never run outdoors with an ipod anymore. Its just too risky with cars. Great tips Trisha

  2. I never run with music.
    When I run on the trail I always leave my route with my husband, test him when I start running with an ETA and call him when I get back to the trail. I also carry my cellphone in case, but no ID though. Maybe it would be a good idea too...


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